Your kids are home all day...

And you love them, but you need a break.

They're bored with their toys and begging to watch "just one more episode" on YouTube, but it's 10:45 AM and they've already hit their daily screen time limit.

What do you do?

You're tired of the guilt from feeling like you should be interacting with them all the time, but you have stuff to do and can't be actively playing dolls and coloring 24/7.

You're not a bad mom, you just need help.

And the solution is as easy as 5 minutes of set up with cheap supplies you already have.


Done for You Kid's Activities are...

Easy Set-up

Because you don't have time to spend hours on a Pinterest-worthy craft.

No Mess

Don't have time or inclination to clean paint off every surface in your home after your kids get done playing? Let's be friends.

Novel activities stuff you have

For kids, "new" equals "fun." So why not give them some fun play without having to buy esoteric supplies at a craft shop?

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with this course?

Done For You Kid's Activities includes instructions and (short) supply lists for 20 activities your kids will love. Plus, read on below for the BONUSES that come with the package.

What age group are these activities designed for?

These Done For You Activities are great for toddlers through early elementary schoolers. My 3-7 year old kids have happily played at these activities for hours.

Do I need any special toys to make this work?

Actually, other than a few toy cars, you really don't use toys for these activities. Most of them involve household objects being used in novel ways - a great way to captivate your child's interest!

What else do I need to get for these activities?

Most of what you need for the Done For You Kid's Activities you already have at home - paper, scissors, toilet paper rolls, spoons...

You may need to get a few craft supplies (like pom-poms and pipe cleaners), but it's all stuff you can easily find on your next Target run.

Why should I buy this when I can find activities for kids online?

I created this activity bundle after doing my own search for easy activities on the internet, because it was way harder than it should have been.

Sure, you could spend hours scouring Pinterest for activities for your kids to do. But you've probably already done that.

And how many times have you clicked a title like "50 awesome kids activities!" only to find an overwhelming list with ZERO instructions and ZERO organization? Why bother.

And on top of that, most of what you find is either too complicated, more messy than you want to deal with, or requires way more skill than your 3-year-old has. 

In Little Effort, Lots of Fun, I've done all the hours (yes, hours) of legwork for you.

I weeded out all those activities that just don't work and only kept the ones that are simple, while still providing tons of play.

The winners have been set up in a board with everything in one place. No clicking on a list of "20 best activities" only to be sent to 20 more websites.

Each activity comes with a simple supply list, set-up instructions when needed, and instructions.

These 20 activities (enough for something new every day for nearly 3 weeks!) are easily adapted to fit kids from toddlers to third grade, so they'll be a hit with the whole family.

Plus, you get automatic updates. So whenever I add new activities to the list, you have immediate access to them.


Sneak Peek into my Toy Declutter Masterclass into one of the most popular modules ($5 value)

7 BONUS Holiday Done for You Kid's Activities ($5 value)

Super simple and fun

NONE (and I mean NONE) of what I've found before is organized like this. It's so helpful!

If you're stuck for some cool and easy ideas to do with the kids, Done for You Kid's Activities has great fun and easy ideas. A great range of activities and easy to follow. It's a great source of ideas for parents stuck inside due to the weather or even when outside and the kids are screaming they're bored.

Sabrina // Mom of two

Don't waste more time feeling stressed while your kids are begging for something to do.

Grab yourself time to get those emails written, smash that Zoom meeting, fold your laundry, or even just read a book without being interrupted every 2.5 minutes.

Don't worry, your kids will be playing, thinking, and discovering while you do what you need to do.